Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Helping Hand

Something I am purposing to do is letting the kids help me with various tasks around the house.  I don't mean their chores; John is a very tidy type of person (the kind of person I want to be and just am not) and has had them doing various age appropriate chores for a while now.

I mean baking cookies and fixing dinner, helping in the garden, etc.  These tasks are not easier with extra hands at their ages, but it is worth it to see the look of delight when Gracie is eating a cookie she helped make or Philip sees a flower bloom whose bulb he had gently placed in the dirt.

I never regret involving my kids in a project, but I have found that I am most frustrated and disappointed with myself as a parent at the close of days when I realize I have not shared my day with them; instead I rushed through the things I needed to do so that they would be 'done'.

I hope that I remember to allow my kids to give me a helping hand more often.

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