Monday, November 26, 2012

Without John...

John was standing in the kitchen the other day and I said "You know what?  If I hadn't met you..." and I didn't even get to finish.  He interrupted me and said "Oh, you'd be WEIRD."

AHAHAHAHAHA.  Seriously though the ending of that statement was originally going to be "I would have either married someone else who had zero patience for me and murdered me violently or I would have ended up alone with 22 cats, and eventually when I died, it would be the smell emanating from my apartment that would let people know I had died.  Thanks for loving me and marrying me!"

Of course once he interrupted me, I felt like finishing it with, "You would have been an eternal college student, spending your free time alone in your parents basement playing video games."

Obviously I hold both of us in higher esteem than these pictures I am painting, and they are meant to be more humorous than true, but the point is- John and I are a good match, and I am so thankful for him.

Yesterday Philip was complaining about something John was making him do.  Philip came to me, outraged and said "You would NEVER make me do it this way, can you tell him not to?"

We sat down immediately and I told Philip in no uncertain terms- John and I are a team.  He will never be able to come to me and successfully ask me to disregard what John has told him or get me to disrespect him by undermining his authority.

John and I do not always agree about how to handle things but we do agree to back each other up.  Sometimes this means stepping out of the room and discussing why we have made the decision we are making.  This is not disrespect, this is smart parenting and coupledom (is that a word?).

I finished out the conversation with Philip by explaining to him why the differences between John and I make our relationship more interesting, and in many ways better, and how the differences between a lot of people are what give life variety and make it interesting.  I reminded him that trying to force someone to be like you or someone else will end badly.

So whether or not I would have had 22 cats or not is something I (thankfully) won't ever know, but I do know that I value John and cannot imagine navigating life without him.  He's my person.  :)

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