Sunday, December 30, 2012

American Girl Customer Service Rocks!

We took our first trip to the American Girl store this week.  Gracie loves her dolls and takes the responsibility of caring for them very seriously.  I will smile and giggle when she is caring for them because it is so sweet, and she looks at me like "This is a very serious job.  It isn't funny!"

We had doubled up on some items and needed to make a return and I thought the experience would be too fun to do in person instead of sending it back in the mail.
If you can go at Christmastime, DO, it is gorgeous!

We were mesmerized from the start.  It is an enormous store and is full of any and all things AG.  We missed the Bistro hours, sadly but it looks fun and surprisingly affordable.

While we were there, John set Cecile down to fix a display that was in a precarious position.  I grabbed her so we wouldn't forget her and in the process, her hat fell off.  We realized it quickly and returned to the spot and it was gone!  Someone had taken it and Gracie was so sad.

I called American Girl that night (at 11:30 PM- their customer service hours are amazing) and they are sending a complimentary replacement.  This is the third time I have called their CS and have always had amazing assistance from them.

Their items definitely are pricey and it will be a slowly compiled collection, but the workmanship and customer service make it so worth the money.

Thanks, AG!

Before the hat-tastrophe!

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