Thursday, December 27, 2012

eSalon Review (And Offer!)

I first read about eSalon in InStyle magazine.  It had actually been written about a long time prior to me reading it, but I got a year behind in my magazine reading.  So if you saw me in 2012 wearing 2011 styles, that's why.  Or it could be that I live predominantly in yoga pants and superhero tee shirts.

I read that eSalon is customized salon-esque haircolor that you do yourself at home, with all the tools and detailed, customized instructions sent by the company to your door.

Anyhow, the idea intrigued me- I am constantly changing my hair and looking for the best inexpensive way to do so.  I was especially interested at this point in time because I had butchered my hair.  Nope, I am not talking about that time I put my hair in pigtails and just chopped, hoping it was even, or the time(s) that I have cut my own bangs and called my sister in a panic to come fix them NOW.

It was when had I decided to ombre my own hair at home.  Gracie colored this picture for me at church the Sunday after I did it:

This rendering actually looks a lot better than it did in real life.  Gracie was being generous. I messed it up more than once actually, trying to get  just the right  ombre effect, and my ends were fried.  And orange. 

I'd had a bad experience at the last salon I'd visited and was not interested in paying $100 to cover my mistake, but I have had iffy results with boxed color in the past too.  It was perfect timing to try eSalon.  

I went to their website and answered a hair history questionnaire with no small amount of shame. I'm cruel to my hair. I am known to change my hair color every few months and may show up blonde, or a redhead.  I've had pink and purple hair, too.  Anyhow, at the end of the survey, I came to this summary page:

Before checking out, I was given the options to purchase a tool kit and color brightening shampoo.  I also selected if I wanted a one-time order or shipments sent to my home on regular intervals of my choosing.   My order arrived within three days!

I did not photograph the process then, but when I emailed eSalon and told them I wanted to review their product, they sent me another package so that I could photograph the product for the blog.  Here it is:    



They think of everything, they even sent a battery!

Is this supposed to be me?  I look swanky!
Here came the tricky part- the part that almost made me stop the process.  There were two bottles of color in the box, with different labels:

So I did something I never do...I read the instructions.

After this, I felt more confident and was prepared to move on.  In the center part of the package was a box labeled 'accessories'.  

I opened it was was really excited by what I found:

TWO pairs of gloves, stain remover, stain guard and your standard after-color conditioner.  I cannot be the only person who messes up a pair of gloves, then needs to go to the bathroom or tie a shoe and then makes a colossal mess trying to get the nasty gloves back on, and I KNOW I cannot be the only person who has had to cancel plans because my hair color did not stay solely on my hair...

So...I followed the instructions to the letter, and it was actually VERY easy.  Essentially, you use one bottle on your roots and another on your ends, then you do a rinse in the shower.  Your instructions will likely vary from mine because I have a different hair history and hair goal.


Okay, so not only is this a picture of my bad DIY ombre (and a bad picture of me in general), but you get a bonus photobomb from Philip.


I plan on using eSalon for all of my coloring in the future.  Without a discount code, it runs about $20 per treatment.  So, about double the cost of box color and a third of the cost of salon color.  

1) Cost compared to salon visits.
2) Ease.
3) Vibrancy of color (I noticed that my color looked fresher and brighter than when I color via box).

1) If you are used to coloring from a box, this is more expensive.  But, I have found the color to be better and the application less risky.
2) If you like to color your hair on impulse, the three day wait will feel like torture.  

Here's the deal- is offering my readers half off of their first order!  Just follow the link.




    1. Now that you mention it, there are probably quite a few people who like the ombre look better. Different strokes for different folks! :D

    2. No wonder why you are anonymous. It's so easy to trash someone ANONYMOUSLY. No personal attachment....lucky for you.

    3. I also tried eSalon and was thrilled! It is def salon quality finish and sooooooo easy. They answered all my questions and the color results were perfect.

  3. You look beautiful! I tried eSalon for the first time last night. I received the product within 3 days (!) and I was impressed how it was packaged and personalized. I love the color---they really nailed it!