Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giant Snowflakes And Other Sundries

When I was a kid, I got an autograph from Seth Green.  It said "Much love and other sundries" above his name.  I remember looking up the word sundries when I got home and thinking "Love is not sundry".  But I valued that autograph because I have always liked his work, and I probably still have it in a box somewhere.

Which leads me to the point of this post which is OH MY GOSH, do I have a lot of stuff.  I am like a mini hoarder.  While going through things, it would not be surprising to hear me exclaim "Ooh, look- a napkin from our first date!"

With Philip in 'rest mode' last weekend after his trip to the hospital (I will write a blog post on Philip soon, I need to), John and I had a lot of time on our hands.  I had not left the house in a week except for a brief trip to the store for milk, and the hospital.  That in and of itself is crazy making stuff- so I needed to be accomplishing things.  So I cleaned and purged.

We do not do big Christmases when it comes to gifts but I realized that adding anything to this house without removing something would be insanity.  Plus, we are not even done unpacking and we have been here for a year!  Yes, it has been a year if you know what I mean, but even with everything we have been dealing with, we need to finish unpacking.

So I found a Christmas decoration that John and I bought our first Christmas together.  It is a large snowflake with a hook on the bottom.  Our names are on the large snowflake, and the idea is that every year, you hook another, smaller snowflake onto the bottom with the year on it.  I had the great presence of mind to buy two of the 'add-on- snowflakes.

We are now exactly 11 snowflakes behind and not only that, but we now have two kids who are missing from The Great Family Snowflake.

I was not great at thinking ahead, obviously.  Was I hoping that miraculously ever year for the next 75 years, I would find a tiny hooked snowflake while out shopping?  By the time we hit 15 years, this thing would be a monstrosity, where was I planning to put it?

So I am encouraged now to look at everything before I bring it home and think it through.  Because clutter is stressful, and it is a lot of work to go through a lifetime of things.  I don't want to keep so many 'things' that I cannot enjoy them or remember why I have them. I also don't want to buy 4 cheap bath mats to 'save money' when I could have purchased a very nice one for less than what I shelled out for the 4 cheap ones.

So for 2013 I am challenging myself to be a conscientious purchaser and add high quality items to my life and be mindful of the quantity of things I purchase and hold onto.  I just hope I can convince myself to throw away the ginormous snowflake ornament.

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