Friday, December 14, 2012

Shooting In Connecticut (Harden not your heart)

This morning, an elementary school was shot up in Connecticut.  I found out about it through Facebook and went on to read more via news websites.

My initial thoughts were ones of pain for the parents and the students.  Then someone posted that we should remember to pray for the gunman's family.  Oh how true that was, and I made sure to do that as I prayed for the families.

As the morning has worn on, posts spewing hate began to pop up.  Hate towards our President, and our laws and immigrants and minorities and the list went on and on.  The pain that I felt when I first heard the news was compounded.  Was this their solution to the problem?

People like to have someone to blame.  And, like my Uncle Brian has said with so much wisdom, "Compassion and acceptance.  Hard to do.  Anger is easier."  I am going to try for the compassion and acceptance.

 Love is the solution.  God is the solution.

Father, help us to show others the Love that You have shown to us.  The mercy and the goodness too.  Be with these families who have been affected forever by this tragedy and soften our hearts.

I am also praying that my own heart not be hardened.

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