Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Love Looks Like (Christmas 2012 Edition)

What does love look like?  This will be a regular blog theme here.  It is displayed in different ways every day.

Today, love looks like a pair of penguin socks.  John, with everything else he has to do, and regardless of the fact that we do not exchange Christmas gifts as a general rule, made a trip to the store to buy me penguin socks for Christmas.

Lady is guiltily chewing on a stolen bone, and love is Brinkley letting her have it and instead happily chewing on a noisy squeaking penguin toy from his stocking. 

The kids are playing outside in the snow, the glorious snow that we did not expect to have on Christmas day, considering that it was 80 degrees last week.  Love is the fact that on this snowy day, Philip gave Gracie his waterproof gloves even though it meant he would be wearing the kind that will get soggy and cold fast.

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