Thursday, February 7, 2013

"I'd like to have a word with you..."

Oh my gosh, I cannot be the only person to whom this phrase is really terrifying.  Anything could be dangling at the end of that statement.

But I was thinking recently, what if I had 'a word' with more people?  And when I say word, I mean something kind or thoughtful.  What would happen?

I am shy a lot of the time.  A more in-depth explanation would be that I am a bit insecure mixed in with that shyness.

So I started small.  "That's a beautiful scarf" or "How are you today?"  Always something sincere.  That was important to me.

Then I moved onto slightly more person-specific questions.  If I spoke with someone last week and they were not feeling well, I try to make a point to follow up the next week and see how they are feeling, or offer soup.

I like to write notes and letters- not just emails or Facebook messages but handwritten ones too (when I can find paper and an envelope and a stamp all at once, which feels like quite the accomplishment, ha!).  I realized recently that I had sent someone two notes in as many weeks, thanking them for something.  I was embarrassed at first, but then I stopped and gave myself a break.  I realized that instead of thinking it was weird, the recipient probably realized that I was still thinking of them and grateful for their friendship a week after the first note, and who doesn't like the thought of that?

I received a note in the mail today.  It happens infrequently but it is usually the same person.  It made me smile, and it couldn't have been more than 10 words.  But someone felt that about me, took the time to write it and then went to the trouble of sending it.  That matters.

I have watched friendships blossom as I took the time to have 'a word' with people.  Strangers became acquaintances, and acquaintances have become friends.

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