Saturday, February 16, 2013

Keeping House (and how I handle my other flaws)

"The only thing domestic about me is I was born in this country."  Phyllis Diller

I feel like this applies to me sometimes.

Not me.

A while ago, Gracie came to me and said "I smell cookies.  Or puke.  Are you baking cookies?"

As it turns out, nobody had puked and I was not making cookies.  I am actually okay at baking.  I have my fair share of disasters and victories in the kitchen.  I won't win any contests, but it's decent.

No, baking is not my biggest strength, but it definitely beats out my housekeeping skills.

I was not raised learning to 'keep house'.  On the other hand, John's family is very tidy and his Mom keeps a very neat home.  He learned a lot of great habits that he brought to the marriage.  It just comes naturally to him.  My Dad did teach me "Don't touch something more than once if you don't have to.  If it is in your hand, put it where it goes."  This is one of the first things I tried to put into practice at home.  And, after 13 years with John, and 10 years as a Mom, I have learned enough housekeeping to keep a pretty comfortable home.  It is never like an episode of Hoarders or anything, but it does get extremely cluttery.

It takes a lot for me still to accomplish this, it is not effortless at all (and I don't do it alone, the house is a group effort).  This used to bother me a lot.

Then I learned not to get too wrapped up in what I cannot do, or what I am not good at.  I could find never-ending failures if I did that.  I don't do it to my kids, why do it to myself?  So I am working on setting a good example- I am thankful for my strengths and I try to improve what needs improved, but I do not beat myself up for what I can't do.

So yeah, my baking might smell really bad sometimes. And there is usually a pile of clean clothes sitting in the laundry basket for a few days before they get folded...but I can make a mean pipe cleaner craft, and I do fun voices when I read to my kids.  I make cute doll tutus.  And on Wednesdays after church, the kids and I each get a donut and talk for a while at Dunkin Donuts, because I am a good mom and being relational is one of my strong suits.  And their baking never smells like puke.

Don't beat yourself up for your flaws.  Do your best and embrace the things that you shine at!!


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