Sunday, March 31, 2013

Katie's Craftations American Girl Doll Food Review

Gracie received Marie Grace and Cecile American Girl dolls for Christmas and asked for some food and their table so that she would have more play options.  We had gone to purchase the table and chairs set above in December, but it was sold out in-store and online.  We were all disappointed.  Then I found it on the back end of their website and took a chance during free shipping, and attempted to order it AND IT WENT THROUGH!!!

I was positively giddy.  I started shopping for food for the dolls, and came across Katie's Craftations on Facebook.  She had several options, including some really great holiday packages.  Plus, she was offering 20% off!  Her Cupid's Arrow collection was just too cute to pass up.  Plus, I had 'liked' her page and therefore would be getting a free donut.  I was super excited and placed my order!

I couldn't wait for it to arrive, and it came very quickly.  I was so excited when I received this in the mail:

I love pink and I didn't expect the package to even be so pretty!  I set it all up for Gracie, who had no idea any of it was on the way.  She still thought the table and chairs were sold out.  I put it all on a side table in the school room.  I wasn't sure what to do with the lollipops, so I put them in an AG mug we already had.  When the dolls came to tea, they held them.  Everything was so well made and SO cute.

The scale of American Girl accessories is supposed to be 1:3  (1/3 the size of normal items we use).  The Katie's Craftations items looked on the smaller side, more like 1/4 or 1/5 but they actually fit perfectly in the doll's hands.  I think if they had been any bigger, they wouldn't have fit and the play value would have been lost.  As you can see, Gracie was thrilled.

Katie's Craftations is not offering 20% off right now, but if you private message her and mention Status Of My Heart in your order email, you will receive the 20% off!  Don't forget to like the page to get your free donut.  

I did not receive anything in return for writing this review; after I received my order, I loved the products so much that I asked Katie's permission to review them on my blog to share with other moms.  Enjoy!!!

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