Wednesday, March 6, 2013


John and I were discussing last night how I can no longer stand noise for the sake of noise.  I like music and movies, but they don't just play constantly in my home anymore.  My mind gets frazzled when too much is going in at once.  I don't think we were intended to have so much vying for our attention all the time.

My dishwasher, for instance, is a nuisance.  Who would have thought that a simple household appliance could cause so much chaos in my mind?  When it is running, I have to retreat upstairs.  Nobody can be heard when it is running, and I can't even gather my own thoughts.

I don't know if the issue is age or maturity, but I value quiet more with each day that passes.  I value when the only sounds I hear are the crackling fire, or the birds that make weird noises on my roof, or the kids playing.  

We live in a noisy world and when I carelessly (and unnecessarily) add more noise to it, life loses a little sweetness.  

I am looking forward to my quiet life in 2013.  A quiet life filled with the sounds of God talking to me, and my kids giggling and the soft snoring of our black Lab, Lady.

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