Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shazam App Recommendation (Free)

I hate it when I am listening to the radio or watching a movie and hear a song I love, then can't find.  Then someone pointed me to Shazam.  I wouldn't call it my favorite app, but it is one of my top picks.  You open the app, the press a button and it listens to what you are listening to, then gives you the song title, artist name and a link to purchase.  It also keeps a record of songs you have 'Shazamed' (my term, not theirs, ha) and if you are like me you will Shazam a song 3 or 4 times before you remember the name.  Or you will think "What was that song I heard last week and Shazamed and wanted to hear again?"  It will even play a clip for you!

Just for fun, the last songs I Shazamed:

Clair De Lune
One Headlight
Do you Feel Like We Do
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Because Of His Love Brian McKnight

Why am I telling you about my favorite app?  Well first of all, I hope to share book, music and movie recommendations on here occasionally.  I figure if you are reading my blog, you are here by choice, whereas all of my Facebook friends have added me because they love me, but might not want to know all the minutiae I like to discuss.  Second, my Dad and I were discussing apps and he hadn't heard of Shazam and was asking for useful app recs.  I realized that we all have our favorite things that we use every day but haven't considered sharing with our friends and family!

What is your favorite app that your friends might not be using?

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