Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spread The Goodness

How many people have been reached with God's love by Starbucks boycotts and public outrage at this or that? How many gay people would feel like coming to church tonight based on what Christians have shown them? How many abortionists would accept an invitation on Sunday when the last five believers they met called them murderers instead of offering encouragement and God's love? God did His business with the likes of Zacchaeus and the woman caught in adultery, yet the most anger and outrage we see from Jesus in the New Testament was directed NOT at them but at the money changers in the Temple and the Pharisees. The people who were already in church and considering themselves set apart for God and His work. Let's extend God's love to everyone. The goodness of God compels people to Him. Are we spreading the goodness?

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