Tuesday, April 2, 2013



I used to be a teenager.  I work with teenagers and spend a lot of time with them.  I read a lot about teenagers.

I need to add my perspective to what I keep reading and hearing about teenagers.

Here it is- they have so much potential.  The world is quite literally at their fingertips.  But they need your perspective about teenagers to change and they need your good influence.

The teenagers I know are smart and passionate and world changers.  Because people with the right perspective and influence stepped in and helped mold them to be that way.

I remember how people treated me when they thought I was making every mistake in the book.  I remember that the people who treated me like I was a worthwhile human being with a purpose were the ones that made me want to be that person.

The ones who criticized without offering anything constructive, or talked about 'kids these days' without teaching me were the ones who made me feel defeated.

So what if we treated ALL kids and teens with the encouragement that they could be world changers?

Maybe they would be.

Teenagers need someone to encourage and inspire them.  Will it be you?

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