Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sorry, Mrs. Stark!

I recently found my personal and school journals from the year I was seven.  The personal one is a blog entry (or nine) for another time.  My childhood was nutso and the journal was quite enlightening.  So was the school journal.  I happened to read it cover to cover on a day when homeschooling was wearing on me and the kids both, and I wondered if they were the most unmotivated students ever, and if I was the most exasperated teacher of all time.

Not so.  I would like to introduce you to seven year old, second grade me: Tory.  And my long-suffering teacher, Mrs. Stark (who I loved SO much).

So here it is.  My mea culpa.  I open myself up for flogging and offer forgiveness, patience and grace to my children.  They come by it honestly.

The task was to write an answer to a question she would write on the board, or a story based on a prompt.  There were rules about how much you had to write.  I apparently didn't know the rules or didn't care, because my writing was just THAT GOOD, a little went a long way.

I was asked to list my favorite hobbies.  After she had the nerve to point out that 'playing smell' is not a hobby, I hastily scribbled an & sign in between the two.  Because 'smell' is a legit pastime.

What am I thankful for? Not nearly enough, obviously.

I see the underlined 'new' here and the exclamation point and I think, "I probably drove Mrs. Stark to drinking."

Sometimes love just isn't enough. All of those songs were WRONG.

"Much more" seems to be a recurring theme.

See, here she tried to shame me into writing more.  It didn't work.

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