Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Surround Yourself

I need people.  I need people around me who know more than I do and have experiences I don't have.  I need people around me who don't know something that I can teach them.

I am reminded every day just how much I need people.  All kinds of people.  The quiet ones, the loud ones, the funny ones and the serious ones.  I have things to learn and I have things to impart.

My church is a great example of this.  I could not survive without the community I have there.  It has taught me so much about how much people need people.

It encourages me not to isolate myself.  Sometimes I do that.  This post is a reminder to me and an encouragement to everyone to find your people.  Plug in.  Reach out.  You are an island.  Find your community and surround yourself. 

Who are your people?

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