Saturday, June 8, 2013

Consider The Source

I struggled recently with a few things and came out on the other side learning a lot, and wanted to share.  I learned two lessons.  Both of them required me to consider the source.

1.  Sometimes we have to ignore the messenger and consider the message.

For instance.  I came out of a relationship with someone who had really misused scripture on a consistent basis.  I love God and I love His Word.  But the way this person used scripture had been very damaging to a lot of people; it was used manipulatively and abusively.  I found myself  ROLLING MY EYES when I heard those scriptures read again in different circumstances.  I had let my hurt change how I heard the Word of God.  I had to handle that in my heart immediately.

Mean people can say something kind.  Abusers can quote scripture.  Someone ignorant can post something enlightening on Facebook.

Don't harden your heart against things like kindness, scripture and enlightenment because someone who isn't good spouted them.  Because God is the TRUE source of these things and He loves you and loves me and loves the ignorant and the abusive too.  How they treat you doesn't change what is real. God is Love and He is the author of all Truth!

2.  Sometimes we have to consider the messenger, and therefore ignore the message.

When people are consistently abusive or mean, everything is colored by that.  Their perception of themselves.  Their perception of who you are.  Reject what they put on you.  Remember the truth.

Think about the loving, trustworthy people in your life.  What do they have to say about you?  What does God say about you?

Obviously we all have faults, and should always be growing and learning.  But there are people who will always just tear down instead of building up.  Instead of allowing them to be your inner voice, tune them out.  Let God be your truth-teller and let Him put people in your life who will edify you, and go to them for truth about your shortcomings.

If you have been told you are unwanted, worthless, ugly, lazy, unimportant, stupid or anything else, consider what God says about you.

You are accepted.  You are redeemed.  You are His child.  You are free.  You are a joint heir with Christ. You are wise and righteous.  You are triumphant and you are blessed.

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