Tuesday, August 27, 2013

13 Uses For Tea Tree Oil

This past year, a good friend of mine introduced me to using essential oils for natural remedies.  (You can read her new blog here- she has just started a new adventure in farm living!)

Since then, I feel like I am surrounded by the benefits of essential oils!  So many friends have told me that EOs have kept them from the doctor time and time again.  The cost of the oils is definitely offset by the savings from costs of medications and dr visits.  I now use them daily.

Personally, I use lavender, peppermint, almond and tea tree.  I hope to add more to my life as I find out the benefits and have need.  The best brand that I have found is NOW Foods and I buy all of mine on Amazon. I added links to the names above for easy shopping.  I have them auto shipped to my house and save 20% by doing so!  These are the best deals I have found on good essential oils.

I recently read this short and informative article on 13 uses for tea tree oil and I had to share!  It's a great way to get started.  I hope to post more about the oils I use because they are SO awesome.  (I do NOT recommend using canola oil on your skin like step #2 advises.  Try olive oil instead.)

What is your favorite way to use essential oils?

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