Thursday, August 8, 2013

Easy Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe

***Updated January 2014 with AWESOME NEWS!

This recipe is soooooo simple.  Get a container.  I found a dry goods container with lid at Walmart for less than five bucks!  Everything pictured above is available at Walmart, except for the 2 containers of "Oxyclean" which I got from Dollar Tree.  The Downy is optional, it adds scent.  If you don't want scent, skip that ingredient!

The last batch I made lasted me from October 2012 to June 8 months- and I spent less than $20 on the ingredients, and my clothes are clean and fresh.  

You'll need: 

2 boxes Borax
2 bars Zote soap***
1 box baking soda
1 box Super Washing Soda
2 containers of Dollar Tree "Oxyclean" (save the scoops inside, you'll want them later!)
1 Scent addition (Purex crystals, Downy unstoppables, Gain, etc)  OPTIONAL
Cheese grater***


1.  Unwrap Zote soap and leave out to dry for 24 hours (this makes it so much easier to shred).***
2.  Mix all dry ingredients together.  I used a paint stirrer, but anything will work.
3.  Using a cheese grater, grate the Zote soap.  ( I got a grater at Dollar Tree that I keep in the laundry room and use only for making laundry soap). ***
4.  Stir again and you are done!

I use the "Oxyclean" scoop to measure my soap and use two scoops per load.  I wash most of my laundry on 'cool' and have no problems with the soap bits not melting.

***The Zote soap is now available in AFFORDABLE AND EASY flakes!  PRAISE GOD.  When I saw this box at Walmart, I danced.  Literally danced.



  1. I have been using this laundry soap for a few years now and LOVE it!!!

  2. Hello. I started using this recipe and love the savings! It works for most of my clothes and laundry. However, my hubby, who does manual labor recently commented that he doesn't think the "must" smell is coming out. Any suggestions?

    1. Yes, try adding a cup full of vinegar to the loads that have his work clothes!