Monday, August 5, 2013

Finding The Joy

A question was posed recently that got me thinking: is happiness a choice?

I struggled with this question. I think I have my answer. It may change in a year or six months or five minutes, but I think it's this, at its most basic...

Sometimes you don't have to find the joy, life is great and everything is sparkly and joy abounds. You see everything grand, right in front of you. You don't have to choose happiness, you are there. You are Julie Andrews twirling on a mountaintop like a lunatic happy. The sun is shining and your kids are healthy and happy and life is GOOD.

Then sometimes you pause in the middle of a storm and have to look for the ray of sunshine. Your son is in the hospital. Someone you love has hurt you. You're exhausted. And in these moments, when you search for the joy, you find it in your daughter's little nose (perfect for kissing!), or the feel of a dog rubbing up against your leg. The smell of a new candle. Your son's sparkly blue eyes. Your husband bent over a game with your kids. A flower that has just bloomed. A really crisp, juicy apple. Life is GOOD because these things were always there. You just had to look for them and at them and stop looking at the problem as making your life BAD.

These things are there in rain or shine, but sometimes we have to push aside some clouds to see it all clearly.

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