Friday, January 3, 2014

Why I Will Never Buy Microwave Popcorn Again!

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We love popcorn.  I pretty much go to the movies for the popcorn.  My 11 year old son eats popcorn frequently.  He has significant health problems though, and I decided that I needed to watch what he ingests a little more closely- so as time has passed, we use the microwave less often, we eat less sodium, and try to eat fewer prepackaged foods. (Don't ask me if I just scarfed down some leftover Christmas cookies made from a boxed mix.  Just don't.)

But I still allowed the frequent treat of microwaved popcorn.  Until I read about the chemicals involved, and found out that there was an inexpensive, healthy and delicious way to do it differently.

This popcorn popper was recommended to me and I found it for a steal on Amazon.  The reviews are great- many people have had it for years and years and it is still going strong.  I like that I can customize our popcorn flavors by popping plain corn and adding toppings later.  There aren't unpopped kernels to deal with.  It takes 2-3 minutes, same as a bag of microwave popcorn!  It's pretty cost effective; I think it will be way cheaper for us than traditional microwave popcorn.

I couldn't lose!  We used it immediately and we loved it.  It is easy to use. It tastes better than microwave popcorn; more like movie theater popcorn!  Score!  I get the popcorn from Amazon through the Subscribe and Save program I already love.  An added bonus is that popcorn is naturally low calorie and high fiber!  As my wise Uncle told me when I was younger- the older you get, the more important fiber becomes to you.  And it is SO true!


You can buy the popcorn here.
You can buy the popper here.

Here's an article from the Huffington Post about the toxins in microwave popcorn.  
Discovery Health covered it too.
AARP is getting in on the action!

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