Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Sobering Moment Between an Atheist and Me (a Christian)

For all you pearl clutchers, there is nudity AND profanity in the following post.  Usually I eschew both, but I am hoping that others will be similarly shocked into deep thought by the image like I was.

I heard a story once (internet legend? true? either way, the point got to me) of a pastor who opened his sermon with the following quote:

"I have three things I'd like to say today. First, while you were sleeping last night, 30,000 kids died of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. Second, most of you don't give a shit. What's worse is that you're more upset with the fact that I said shit than the fact that 30,000 kids died last night."

Wow.  That hit home.  I am known as a bit of a goody two shoes (though I might be veering from that a little, which is a whole other blog post.)  I have not looked at Christianity the same way since.

This photo that a self proclaimed atheist posted to Twitter took my breath away.  I was trying to get recs for a church to visit while visiting family this summer out of state.  I don't know the person who posted this, personally, but it was a very personal moment for me.

I don't think money is bad.  I don't think God cries because I have a super schmancy 2011 Ford instead of a beat up Pinto.  But I do think I and the church at large are all ignoring major issues in favor of majoring on minors and sitting comfortably.  No longer am I okay with giving to ministries where the leaders live in multi million dollar homes and take their jets on 'missions trips' to London, Paris and other fancy locations while staying silent on issues that REALLY, REALLY matter and avoiding poverty stricken mission fields.  Yes, salvation is so, SO important.  But how can someone think of receiving Jesus when their body is shutting down from something preventable?  This is why I am such an advocate of feeding programs and other ministries that take care of practical physical needs as well as the spiritual ones.

This is really how the world sees the Church.  It's heartbreaking.  What can we do about it?  Not just to change the perceptions but to change our actions from the inside?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lars and the Real Girl

I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever suggested a movie on here.  My critics (yes, I have them!) will have tearing of clothes and gnashing of teeth that it isn't Son of God or God is Real, Yo or some other deeply deep spiritual movie that I'm sure is great...

But this is a deeply spiritual movie that is great.  And I totally didn't see that coming:

A blogger that I love, (who may or may not see me as a stalker) tweeted that she'd watched this and loved it.  *AhemRachelHeldEvansILoveYou*  So I watched it.  Baaaaaaaah.  I'm a sheep.

I expected a slightly raunchy comedy.  It is about a sex doll after all.  But it isn't really about a sex doll.  And it isn't raunchy at all.  It's a love story.  Not your traditional love story.  But a "church and community in action" love story.  

Please, watch it.  Let me know what you think.