Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How can a Christian celebrate Halloween?!?

For a long time, we didn't celebrate Halloween.  Philip's first October 31, we weren't going door to door with the other heathens!  No way!  BECAUSE WE DIDN'T CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN.  BECAUSE WE ARE CHRISTIANS.  I have a picture of him from that day, in a precious little lion costume (complete with adorable tail), firmly held in the arms of my church's youth pastor, who was dressed up in a costume at our church's "Harvest Festival" where there was candy and games.

Wait.  Candy?  Games?  Costumes?  ON OCTOBER 31st?!  That sounds like...HALLOWEEN!

It was a few years before I realized that I and anyone else who thought we were avoiding Halloween by attending Fallapalooza or the Harvest Festival or whatever were all kidding ourselves.  We were firmly entrenched in Halloween.

So what was a Christian Mom to do?  Eschew the church festivities?  Lock our doors and turn off the lights?  I was stumped.  So I researched Halloween.  I searched my heart.  I thought about what Jesus would do.

Remember this oldie but goodie?

Yeah, I know you had one.  If you were a true hardcore
Christian nineties kid like ME, you had one in every color.

What WOULD Jesus do about Halloween?  I don't think he'd hole up at home with the lights off and avoid His neighbors.  I don't think he'd go to church and have a pseudo celebration of Halloween with a lot of like minded people either.  I think He would be out in the community, lavishing love on everyone.  So that's what we decided to do.  

Last year, I opened my trunk and sat with a ton of candy and invitations to my church.  I met so many great people.  I asked them if they were looking for a church and wanted a flier.  I gave them all candy.  I hugged people and saw a bunch of cute costumes and tired parents.  One woman and I talked for a long time.  Do you know how weary most people are?  I know I am sometimes.  Parenting and marriage are hard work.  People have a lot on their plates.  If you don't make yourself available to hear them and meet them where they are, how will they see Jesus and know that He cares for them and will be there for them through good times and bad?  I didn't feel any unrest in my Spirit.  In fact, I felt good about what I was doing with this day- for the first time in a long time.  Thankfully handing out candy didn't turn me into a Satan worshiper.  Whew.

How many people have come to Jesus at a Fall Fun Fest?  I don't know any.  How many people have come to Jesus because someone took the time to get to know them and show Him to them right where they are?  All of us.  And you know where everyone is on Halloween?  Trick or treating.  So that is where I am.

Thankfully this year, our church is holding our Fall celebration on a different day.  I think that's a great way to really reach the community.  I'll be there with bells on.  I certainly don't mean to imply that church celebrations shouldn't happen.  But I don't think they should happen on Halloween night.

So there it is.  How this Christian family embraces and celebrates Halloween.

PS.  Get good candy.  You KNOW Jesus would have the best candy.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Mitrofanoff Appendicovesicostomy Moms...Are You Out There?

I'm taking a break from the usual programming here (whatever that means) to reach out for help from anyone with a Mitrofanoff Appendicovesicostomy.

I need help.  My son had his first APV in 2013.  Shortly after he began gushing urine from his stoma.  So the APV was revised in August 2014.  It has begun gushing again.  It's interfering with his daily life.  I need advice from other APV peeps.  What worked for you?  What caused your leaking?  What fixed your leaking?  Did you find a pad of sorts that would keep you dry?

You can leave a comment or email me at