Monday, November 24, 2014

So apparently I'm a toddler...

So, after more than a decade of wanting my nose pierced, I broke down and got it double pierced a few weeks ago.  My piercer (who is now like family...I make close relationships with strangers really easily...) said DO NOT TOUCH IT.  At first I left it alone and it was healing up really well.  And then I started messing with it.  And it's been red and swollen ever since.  BUT I CAN'T SEEM TO STOP.

So I thought I'd try an "out of commission out of mind" solution with some clearanced Dora bandages I'd gotten.  Can I just say (off topic) that I don't like Dora?!.  She is always hollering!  Her clothes are too small and she has no supervision!  JTTW  Anyhow, here was the super hot look this resulted in...

Putting it on just let me know that I have zero ability to keep my hands off of what I shouldn't be touching.  Don't touch?  *touch touch touch* is my really mature response.  The bandaid lost all of it's stick within ten minutes because I'd readjusted it and played with it so much.

I have zero self control.  This is something Jesus and I will have to work on, I guess.  Now you know something else about me!  Where do you struggle with self control?

UPDATE 11/30/14  I have now been banned from the needlenose pliers after an incident. 

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